When I started the "INTERNODICIOTTO" adventure years back I first opened a blog to share my creative work and inspiration. I closed it after a few years when I tought it was time to move on and to focus on my Designer Career.

It is two years now that Internodiciotto has grown to a real life business and I have my own website, but most of my daily inspirations and works I show you on my instagram (what I definatelly love to use most  :).  Maybe it is time to go back to a more intimate showcase for my inspiration boards and to give you a view "behind the scenes" . I am not the kind of person that loves Instastories - Talks ( not really into Ferragnis Hi Guys! for myself, sorry ) - that all still feels pretty akward to me. Old School writing is something I do enjoy more and sometimes simply showing you pictures that inspire.  

Hope that is ok for you too and you'll jump on this adventure with me :) If you have questions or suggestions, they are always welcome! 

Well, now I am slowly falling into a pre - christmas mood and I guess that is why I am making tons of research how to arrange my studio space new. Hope to show you soon what is coming out, here are a few inspirations what I am working on and a color board, that is mostly about Black, White and Powder Pastels. 

Big hugs, xxx